Are you part of the Exit and Build Summit community and want to experience the AO scan?

Are you also part of the over 60% within our community that has the goal of taking your health back into your own hands?

If so, we've got something special just for you.

We'd like to provide our fellow freedom lovers, a complimentary InnerVoice scan! ($55 value)

Inner-Voice Scan + Balancing Harmonics session includes:

  • Explanation of how it works.

  • Detailed four-page report emailed to you.

  • Four personalized Balancing Harmonics MP3s that are uniquely generated just for you.

  • Balance your emotional state to support concentration, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

EZ Scans for $55! ($149 value)

InnerVoice + Vitals + Comprehensive session includes:

  • Everything included in the above session

  • Scan an optimization of energetic state of blood biology - CBC panel, toxicities, mold, heavy metals, food sensitivities and more.

  • Scans and optimizes energetic state of anatomy = organs, arteries, nerves, spine, eyes and more.

  • Detailed reports are generated and emailed to you.

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  • *As we know your privacy is important, we NEVER give out your information to 3rd parties, we NEVER spam you, and we NEVER store your scan reports on our AO scan device or cloud.